Diccon has worked in the commercial marine industry since childhood growing up in the Isles of Scilly. His early career started as a deckhand on an inter-island cargo boat, then moved on to harbour and coastal tugs and specialist salvage and construction vessels around the UK. In parallel with this, he worked for several years in London in commercial management consultancy, working with ‘blue chip’ international Clients such as Ford Europe and Newton Investments, whilst also maintaining strong links with City-based shipping and maritime law activity.

Executive Chairman of Cambrian, Diccon holds a prize first class degree from the University of Oxford and a Part 1 Executive MBA from London Business School. Diccon has served as a Board member of the South West Marine Energy Park, a non-executive director of a south-western UK regional shipping and airline group, and a trustee of a medical charity.

As Managing Director of KML, Diccon has led the KML marine installation teams which have delivered many tidal and wave industry “world firsts”, including TGL-Rolls-Royce-Alstom ‘Deep Gen III’ and ‘Deep Gen IV’ installations, Olsen “Lifesaver”, Seatricity “Oceanus”, AMOG WEC, O&M and full heavy decom on MCT Atlantis “Seagen”, and many more.

As Executive Chairman of Cambrian, Diccon brings his marine operational, legal and engineering risk management knowledge to the Cambrian Board, and his personal investment and commitment to making Cambrian’s tidal projects a reality.