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The Ramsey Sound Regeneration Project is a partner in the Interreg TIGER Project, a €48m ERDF fund to increase tidal energy deployment. The overarching aim of the regeneration project is to re-power the Ramsey Sound site (Pembrokeshire, UK) and install up to 1MW of new turbine capacity.

Background to the Site:

  • Unique tidal energy site located in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire.
  • Time and development advantage: >£10m invested in site and 4-year lead on comparable schemes
  • Developed by Tidal Energy Ltd in 2013, with an operational turbine deployed on the seabed.
  • Substation, cable, subsea foundation and the tidal energy device will be upgraded and re-used
  • Fully consented site
  • Maximum flows 3.4ms-1 combine estimate of 74.9GWh/y
  • 400KW ROC accreditation with Ofgem

Company Background

Cambrian Offshore South West Ltd. was set up in 2019 to deliver the Ramsey Sound Regeneration project which will see the regeneration of a tidal energy deployment site, including a grid connected, subsea tidal turbine, sub-station and associated infrastructure.

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Latest News

Project Update January 2021

COSW Ltd, as a project partner has secured over €6.3m to deliver an operational tidal site in Pembrokeshire. We know that in developing these demonstration zones, significant economic benefits and …