Sue has 20 years’ experience in the offshore and nearshore construction and environmental industries, including the wind, wave and tidal sector. Her previous role included 11 years at OpenHydro, a global tidal technology developer, in senior management positions, including operations management, project development, policy advocacy and developing marine energy markets globally.

Sue is a Board member of Marine Energy Wales, Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and a Non-Executive Director of Marine Power Systems. Sue also chairs the UK Marine Energy Council. Sue was the recipient of the 2018 SUT Award for ‘Outstanding Contributions to Marine Energy’ and was awarded Ocean Energy Europe’s Vi Maris 2019 award for outstanding contribution to marine energy. Sue has played a key role in driving renewable industry development and policy in the marine area, both in the UK and internationally.  

As a Director of Cambrian Offshore, Sue brings her long experience in the marine energy sector, including project development, stakeholder engagement, project finance, permitting and consenting and significant networks to the Ramsey Sound Regeneration Project.